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Reducing the number of freight vehicles on the road in London Bridge.

Team London Bridge runs a preferred waste and recycling supplier scheme in order to save its businesses money through joint procurement, and reduce the number of freight vehicles on the road.

MP Smarter Travel is supporting the contract re-tendering process by reviewing written proposals, interviewing operators alongside Team London Bridge, identifying data to be provided by operators to monitor KPIs, and developing the Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the successful contractor. This support is based on our staff’s knowledge of the waste procurement and monitoring process.

Team London Bridge Recycling van 

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Air quality monitoring campaign to support healthy school streets

Following on from the Mayor’s School Air Quality Audits, London Borough of Brent decided to extend the programme to deliver air quality engagement and monitoring at most of their schools.


MP Smarter Travel reviewed air quality, engagement and deprivation to prioritise schools for participation in the programme. 66 schools were chosen. We are currently engaging with schools to book in and deliver air quality assemblies, followed by detailed NO2 monitoring which will show the distribution of air pollution across school grounds, both indoors and outdoors. The engagement and air quality findings will enable London Borough Brent to prioritise schools for measures such as green screens and healthy school streets.

Brent Breathe Clean

 If you would like support with air quality engagement or air quality monitoring, feel free to get in touch.

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Promoting new ideas and best practice in urban freight      

Team London Bridge secured funding for a Low Emissions Neighbourhood (LEN) in 2017, and as part of this programme committed to running a quarterly Freight Forum. This is a forum for large member organisations, neighbouring BIDs, LB Southwark and TfL to discuss freight impact reduction on a strategic level and share best practice for reducing freight impact amongst individual sites.

MP Smarter Travel is supporting the Freight Forum, with responsibility for setting the strategic direction for freight policy in the area and providing technical expertise about freight impact reduction measures. 

If you would like support with managing urban freight, feel free to get in touch.

Team London Bridge Freight Forum cropped 4x6


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Working with schools to promote sustainable and active travel                                

Since 2011, MP Smarter Travel has delivered 22 academic years’ worth of School Travel Plan programmes on behalf of six local authority clients. Our core services include follow-ups with schools to maximise engagement and accreditation, training through workshops and phone/e-mail support, and expert advice on selection and delivery of sustainable transport measures.

We have a strong track record of increasing accreditation levels (ie. schools with Gold, Silver or Bronze). For the average multi-year commission, boroughs start with 29% school accreditation, and end with 77% accreditation.

If you would like support with School Travel Plans, feel free to get in touch.

School Travel Plan programme


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Lambeth Air Aware

Delivering air quality education and awareness in schools                                      

Lambeth Council commissioned MP Smarter Travel to deliver an engaging and interactive air quality awareness programme at eight primary schools. The key objectives were to empower children to make decisions to reduce their exposure to air pollution, and to lower pollution around schools through travel behaviour change.

MP Smarter Travel delivered a series of six ‘Air Aware’ lessons based on the Clean Air 4 Schools Toolkit, and the children used the facts they learned to direct their own news report with assistance from a professional film maker. These films were used extensively to spread the ‘air aware’ message.

If you would like support with air quality education and awareness, or similar work with schools, feel free to get in touch.


Lambeth Air Aware




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