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At MP Smarter Travel we believe in preparing the next generation to make informed decisions that protect our natural environment and minimise our current impact. To date, we have worked with schools and local councils across London engaging students through citizen science experiments, providing fun and engaging educational workshops and student-led film production.

MP Smarter Travel's Breathe Clean programme is designed to educate children and young people about air pollution, foster new sustainable travel behaviours, and identify new ways to minimise air pollution. This programme has previously been delivered in Newham, Brent and Lambeth, and most recently in Westminster.


Fun Fact

The Breathe Clean project has been run in four London boroughs, with workshops held 116 schools to an estimated 17,400 students. Through Breathe Clean, students have helped our consultants install 3,067 diffusion tubes across London.

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How Breathe Clean Works

Prior to February 2020, we taught our Breathe Clean programmes in assemblies face-to-face, making them engaging and interactive as possible for students. When lockdown was announced in early 2020, we switched our programmes and activities to online, retaining the interactive aspects of the assembly while protecting students, staff and our team.

The programme is conducted with two assemblies in each school. The first assembly educates students about the sources and impacts of air pollution. When we hold these assemblies in person, we ask for five or six student volunteers to help our consultants install diffusion tubes across the school’s campus. These diffusion tubes measure the air quality in the school grounds, these are collected four weeks after installation for analysis.

We then return six weeks later to conduct the second assembly. Here we share the results we garnered from the diffusion tubes and what these results mean and discuss different solutions to air pollution. Students come together to discuss why they think air quality changes across the school campus and how it can be improved.

Whether in person or online, we send out activity and resource packs for students and staff on how to maintain and improve air quality in and around schools. This resource packs also relate to the school’s travel plan, and how Breathe Clean activities can contribute to the next level of TfL STARS accreditation.

Our Breathe Clean packs include:

  • a bespoke presentation
  • notes to support the presentation delivery
  • measures that a school can implement to reduce air pollution on campus


"The children enjoyed [the assembly] immensely and were informed and encouraged in equal measure. I overheard year 6 pupils talking about it later in the day as we crossed the playground - so it definitely made an impact! The Zoom format worked incredibly well and it was made extra special by the inclusion of our act of collective worship at the end." 

St Joseph's Roman Catholic Primary School


If you'd like MP Smarter Travel to hold Breathe Clean workshops at schools in your area, contact us today by emailing or calling 0207 960 2553.

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Since Bikes for Business launched in June this year, we’ve had an amazing response from businesses based in, or who deliver to, SE1, SE16 and SE17 (known as the ‘Low Line’), looking to make their deliveries more environmentally friendly by using cargo bikes. From florists to private equity firms and from retailers to coffee companies, businesses have been reaching out to get involved.


What’s Bikes for Business?

If you’ve not heard of the project, here’s a recap. Led by Team London Bridge, Bikes for Business is funded by Impact on Urban Health, in partnership with Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital Trust. Bikes for Business is offering up to £700 in subsidies for businesses to use a cargo bike service, or purchase/lease their own cargo bike to help reduce their impact on the environment.

With around 2,400 businesses operating in and around London’s Low Line corridor in Southwark, thousands of deliveries are made each week, many of which are done by cars and vans, adding noise and pollution to our city. Bikes for Business is set to change that.


Key Statistics

  • 35.5% are broader organisations such as florists, offices, NHS, launderettes and hairdressers
  • 32% are food and beverage suppliers
  • 18% are creative arts, design and marketing
  • 17.1% are hospitality


Success stories

Meet two of our most recent businesses to participate in the project and how transitioning to a cargo bike has helped them.

Horton-Stephens Ltd

A film, moving image and photography company specialising in advertising, Partner, Niall Horton-Stephens, was looking for a way to transport their portfolios quickly and easily without adding to London’s pollution.

Previously, portfolios were transported to client meetings on the tube and in cabs leaving them vulnerable to delays. Niall contacted MP Smarter Travel through the online form to enquire about the scheme. Although they were already aware of cargo bikes, they needed help finding a bike that could hold multiple large and heavy portfolios easily.

Niall commented, “The weight and quantity of the portfolios we needed to transport made it impossible to deliver on foot. Using a car or van meant we had to pay the congestion charge and had a negative impact on the environment.”

We scheduled a meeting to understand their requirements and what they were looking for in a bike. After talking through a number of potential options we put them in touch with Fully Charged so they could visit their showroom and see the bikes for themselves. Since meeting with Fully Charged, Niall applied for the subsidy, which proved to be an easy process, and has now bought two bikes.

“Using a cargo bike helps us make really quick deliveries compared to a van and has zero emissions. We didn’t realise that cargo bikes could carry so much!”

Niall Horton-Stephens

The Manna Society

Based in London Bridge, The Manna Society is a day centre for the homeless and those in need. They provide breakfast, lunch and washing facilities every day, and since the pandemic have expanded to doing takeaway meals.

Prior to undertaking their cargo bike service trial with Pedal Me, The Manna Society had their own van and driver who would visit multiple supermarkets in the local area to pick-up excess food. However, their driver left the charity in April this year and picking up food every week became difficult.

Paddy Boyle from The Manna Society stated, "We were already aware of cargo bikes being available for pickups, but we weren’t sure if a cargo bike could carry all the food that we needed. After our driver left, we were keen to find an environmentally friendly and low-cost way of doing the pickups. When MP Smarter Travel got in touch with us about the trial, we decided to give cargo bikes a go.”

Over the one-month trial period, Pedal Me did 17 food pick-ups from multiple supermarkets which were all delivered to their kitchen on time for their food service.

“Pedal Me were very efficient and it had been surprisingly straight forward switching to them. We can book a month’s worth of deliveries once a month and it all gets taken care of.”

Paddy Boyle

Since the trial, The Manna Society have made the decision to permanently switch to cargo bikes for their future deliveries.

If you’d like to find out more about the Bikes for Business and how your business can benefit, contact us via our online form. If you are a cargo bike operator and would like to take part as a service provider, get in touch by emailing

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