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The report, entitled Healthy Streets: a Business View, summarises the findings of a survey of Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) regarding their attitudes towards the Healthy Streets Approach and their key project priorities.

According to the report, the overall message was that many BIDs strongly support the goals of the Healthy Streets Approach, even to the extent of being willing to contribute towards street changes. Only around half the BIDs rated their local area as good to walk or spend time in, and only just over a quarter said it was good for cycling.

Key report findings:

  • The top three types of interventions to improve the street environment proposed by BIDs were: improving public realm quality, reducing the amount of motor traffic, and improving pedestrian crossings.

  • Challenges included lack of funding and lack of organisational resources to deliver projects.

  • Places that performed better against the Healthy Streets Indicators tended to be those with priority for pedestrians over motor traffic, and places that performed worse tended to be dominated by motor traffic.

  • BIDs are interested in trialling schemes, including infrastructure schemes and projects to re-organise deliveries.

Key projects mentioned by BIDs:

  • Development of walking/cycling strategies to form a cohesive approach and unlock funding;

  • Reducing street clutter;

  • Increasing cycle parking and engaging with cyclists through a cycling forum; and

  • Reducing the number of motor vehicles, including measures to reduce the impact of delivery and servicing vehicles.


If you would like to discuss project ideas to improve the street environment feel free to get in touch

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Full-service public consultation amongst hard to reach groups          

Lambeth Council has released its draft Transport Strategy, which is open for consultation. MP Smarter Travel is helping to ensure that a diverse and representative sample of the population are able to contribute their views to shape the final strategy.

We facilitated three events, each targeted at a different key group: businesses, disabled people, and young people. We also facilitated a drop-in session open to the general public. As part of our work with Lambeth, MP Smarter Travel analysed all comments made at the events and through the online consultation survey. Our analysis will enable Lambeth Council to reflect these views in the final Transport Strategy. 

If you would like support with public consultation or strategy development, feel free to get in touch.

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Making London Bridge a leader in sustainable freight

Team London Bridge has an ambition to make the London Bridge area a leader in deliveries taking place by cargo bike. This is part of a wider vision for the area to prioritise clean transport and create welcoming public places.

MP Smarter Travel is leading a carefully-monitored pilot programme to substitute business deliveries with cargo bikes. This involves detailed research on the current cargo bike services and operator market, and extensive engagement with 100 businesses to review their deliveries and servicing to match them with the right cargo bike operator. The key output of the project will be a cargo bike preferred suppliers list.

If you would like support with cargo bikes or sustainable freight, feel free to get in touch.

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Air quality monitoring campaign to support healthy school streets

Following on from the Mayor’s School Air Quality Audits, LB Brent decided to extend the programme to deliver air quality engagement and monitoring at most of their schools.


MP Smarter Travel reviewed air quality, engagement and deprivation to prioritise schools for participation in the programme. 66 schools were chosen. We are currently engaging with schools to book in and deliver air quality assemblies, followed by detailed NO2 monitoring which will show the distribution of air pollution across school grounds, both indoors and outdoors. The engagement and air quality findings will enable LB Brent to prioritise schools for measures such as green screens and healthy school streets.

Brent Breathe Clean

 If you would like support with air quality engagement or air quality monitoring, feel free to get in touch.

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Promoting new ideas and best practice in urban freight      

Team London Bridge secured funding for a Low Emissions Neighbourhood (LEN) in 2017, and as part of this programme committed to running a quarterly Freight Forum. This is a forum for large member organisations, neighbouring BIDs, LB Southwark and TfL to discuss freight impact reduction on a strategic level and share best practice for reducing freight impact amongst individual sites.

MP Smarter Travel is supporting the Freight Forum, with responsibility for setting the strategic direction for freight policy in the area and providing technical expertise about freight impact reduction measures. 

If you would like support with managing urban freight, feel free to get in touch.

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Unlocking the potential for cycling in London Bridge             

Team London Bridge wants more people to cycle to and from the area every day for all types of trips. In order to increase cycling, they commissioned MP Smarter Travel and ActivePlanning to develop a Cycling Strategy.

MP Smarter Travel focused on cycle hire, deliveries by cargo bikes, behaviour change, and communications. Our approach was to consult with the general public and a wide range of businesses, Business Improvement Districts and local authorities to understand their priorities and get examples of best practice.

MP Smarter Travel’s recommendations for increasing cargo bikes formed the basis for Team London Bridge’s successful application for the TfL Deliveries Reduction Fund.

If you would like support with promoting cycling, business engagement or strategy development, feel free to get in touch.

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Freight trip data collection to support a micro-consolidation centre                

MP Smarter Travel delivered a project for Better Bankside to record information about freight vehicle movements as part of research into a TfL-funded micro-consolidation centre.

Surveys were administered to a variety of business types, including market traders, shops, restaurants and offices. In addition to collecting quantitative data (vehicle type, delivery time, goods category, etc.) we conducted structured interviews with open-ended questions to record business views on freight-related policies and infrastructure. In the end, we exceeded our target by engaging with 44 businesses to the satisfaction of the client.

If you would like support with urban freight, data collection or business engagement, feel free to get in touch.

Better Bankside Freight Surveys


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Full-service event hosting to promote a sustainability scheme                                                     

MP Smarter Travel has been delivering the Lewisham School Travel Planning programme since 2011. Lewisham’s air quality team developed an air quality app and requested that MP Smarter Travel facilitate an event to launch the app for schools. We worked with the council to design the event; and secured speakers and activities, identified a suitable venue, and liaised with schools to ensure attendance at the event.

The event featured a keynote speech from the Mayor of Lewisham, and received very positive feedback from schools and the client

If you would like support with managing and hosting sustainability events, feel free to get in touch.

Lewisham event


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Working with schools to promote sustainable and active travel                                

Since 2011, MP Smarter Travel has delivered 22 academic years’ worth of School Travel Plan programmes on behalf of six local authority clients. Our core services include follow-ups with schools to maximise engagement and accreditation, training through workshops and phone/e-mail support, and expert advice on selection and delivery of sustainable transport measures.

We have a strong track record of increasing accreditation levels (ie. schools with Gold, Silver or Bronze). For the average multi-year commission, boroughs start with 29% school accreditation, and end with 77% accreditation.

If you would like support with School Travel Plans, feel free to get in touch.

School Travel Plan programme


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Spreading awareness about air quality amongst the general public              

Clean Air Day is the UK’s largest air pollution campaign. In 2018, Brent Council asked MP Smarter Travel to set up an information kiosk about air quality in London, to discuss the issue with members of the public, school children and council officers. We set up a kiosk containing information about the science of air pollution, its causes, and health impacts, and what Brent Council and the Greater London Authority are doing about it. We also spoke with people about actions that they themselves can take, including travelling sustainably using clean air routes, minimising engine idling, and using low energy appliances.

If you would like support with air quality engagement, feel free to get in touch.

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Our services

Air Quality
MP Smarter Travel is helping turn the air quality crisis into an opportunity for local people to come together as communities to make their neighbourhoods cleaner, healthier and more sustainable.
Behaviour Change
Transport programmes that focus on influencing behaviour often represent fantastic value for money. MP Smarter Travel has the resources and expertise to deliver behaviour change projects of practically any size.
Business Engagement
MP Smarter Travel staff have a strong track record in engaging with local businesses, understanding their operations, and securing successful participation in council and BID programmes.
Campaigns and Awareness
MP Smarter Travel has a large pool of enthusiastic and outgoing built environment specialists who can be quickly and effectively deployed to raise awareness for and support sustainability causes.
Community Engagement
Our model consisting of a core team of project managers and consultants, with access to a large pool of engagement specialists, means that we can deliver community engagement work to scale.
Data Collection and Research
We offer an independent research service, staffed by experienced consultants, analysts and statisticians who provide clear evidence-based answers to policy questions.
Development Control Travel Plans
MP Smarter Travel staff have a long history of finding out why people travel the way they do, understanding what measures can tip the balance, and implementing the right measures to maximise walking and cycling at a given site.
Education and Training
MP Smarter Travel delivers fun and creative sustainability lessons at local schools, and delivers training to a wide variety of audiences on local environmental, transport and health issues.
Public Consultation
MP Smarter Travel consists of a core of experienced project managers and a large pool of consultants who publicise, deliver and analyse large-scale public consultations on behalf of our clients.
School Travel Plans
The average walking time to a school in London is about 12 minutes. MP Smarter Travel has a long history of working with councils and schools to increase levels of walking, scootering and cycling to and from school.
We support transport and environmental consultancies in delivering their projects. Whether you are looking to identify sub-consultants as part of a bid, or you require our support immediately, give us a call.
Urban Freight and DSPs
MP Smarter Travel works on behalf of local authorities, Business Improvement Districts and individual businesses to develop and deliver Delivery and Servicing Plans (DSPs) and address the impacts of urban freight trips.

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